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“We want equality without this meaning identity; but we also want the difference without this degenerating into superiority / inferiority. Experience the difference in equality: what is easier said than done. ”
The philosophical reflection of one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Tzvetan Todorov, brings us to a key issue in tackling one of the main themes of the contemporary world, that of the “clash of civilizations”, the old walls that resist and new that are constantly raised.
It is not yet time to walls, divisions of resisting. The daily news bring us testimonies from around the world of political walls, walls religious, racial and economic. All the “walls” that divide us are raised on the fertile soil of a chronic lack of communication, be it generational, racial, social, ideological or religious and intellectuals, now more than ever, it is the crucial role to be a vehicle of knowledge and diversity at promoting a culture of dialogue.
The Festival will be the stage for outstanding international personalities from the world of culture and art, by Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, of Turkish origin, the son of a civilization “border” and privileged bridge between the East and the West, the writer Moroccan Tahar Ben Jelloun, a true icon in the fight against social prejudice and religious intolerance, not to mention the Israeli artist Noa of Yemeni origin, has always been an ambassador of peace in the Middle East, up to bloggers and journalists in that part the world work in close daily contact with the outbreaks of violence and terror.

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