Metropole Hotel Maison d’Hôtes

Charme Hotel in the heart of Taormina

Between the clock tower of Taormina, on the main street

Hotel Metropole, a luxury location for your holidays in Sicily

The most beautiful stories to tell are almost always born by chance, and often have magical, enchanted, and eternal places as a frame. And this story that tells about breathtaking sunsets and overwhelming panoramas, begins within the walls of one of the most beautiful palaces in Taormina, where time passes slowly between history and nature, between the scents and traditions of an island, always lush and welcoming.


Against the background of this evocative natural setting that has seduced artists and inspired poets, stands Metropole’s Hotel, a historic luxury hotel in Taormina, the ideal place to unplug, take off your watch, and live a flâneur holiday, at a slow pace without commitments or plans. All the charm of a luxury holiday marked by simple and authentic pleasures, between a romantic aperitif in the background of a rosy sunset and some moments of pure well-being among the oldest rooms of the building, where our Spa is being hosted today.


At Metropole’s Hotel in Taormina, true luxury is to allow yourself time in a modern and refined environment, inside a historic thirteenth-century building, home to the first hotel in Taormina. A place where you can fully enjoy that welcoming, relaxed and informal atmosphere that only a structure equipped with every comfort can offer, here at Metropole’s, where everything is designed to make your holiday in Sicily literally unforgettable.


Here you will discover the pleasure of walking through the corridors of a historic building that over time has preserved its noble aura intact, between marble stairways and very high ceilings that harmonize with the most contemporary design solutions. Our Spa will be for you an ideal refuge in which you are able to dedicate time and regain for your well-being. For the pleasure of the senses and to satisfy the needs of the most refined palate, our gourmand restaurant is available to our guests, with a high-level cuisine and a selection of international wines to taste while admiring the view from one of our terraces that dominate Taormina’s bay.

The Metropole experience

The entrance to the historic 18th-century mansion is ready to welcome you with a dedicated and tailored service, according to your needs and desires. With loving care, our staff invites you to experience the art of living in harmony at the Hotel Metropole.


An unexpected and surprising world, the Metropole has always considered art a fundamental value and committed its attention to the realization of international events, such as the Taormina Film Festival, exhibitions, and displays by artists from all over the world.


In the evening, the blue of the pool seems to shimmer in an ideal scenography between the magic of Mount Etna, the overhanging view of the meandering bay of Naxos, and the discovery of the pleasure of the deeply experienced sensations, accompanied by the notes of our careful music selection, now defined as a special experience, driven by the focus of our Resident DJ.


The expression of love

The Involving Beauty of the Sea and a Moor's Head vase

The inimitable Mediterranean tradition hovers everywhere, with the classic ceramic pinecones and ‘Moor’s Head’ vases becoming particular symbols of our location, adorning and enchanting anyone who sees them.


They have always been considered lucky charms, collectible items, defined as ‘superstitious’ by the historical antique dealer of Taormina, the designer of this series of vases with a medieval expression.


A timeless story in which enduring legends take on a different meaning from common usage: that daring sentiment, that light that creates dreams, that expression filled with serenity.


Corso Umberto, 154, 98039





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