Discovering the ancient Greek-Roman theater of Taormina

Unmissable season of Greek tragedies

From theater to music

the most exclusive stage in Sicily

With its roman structure, the Ancient Theatre of Taormina is an architectural jewel that fascinates and welcomes travelers from all over the world. Built by the Greeks around the third century BC with a diameter of 109 metres, the theatre is composed of three parts: the scene, the orchestra and the cavea. It was later expanded by the Romans, who inserted columns, statues and ornaments. This famous theatre enriched with its magnificent view, today hosts important ceremonies such as the David di Donatello Awards, Taormina Arte, special concerts, the Taormina Film Festival and all the lyrics season.


Romantic and magical Taormina

Enchant and fascinate view

Tour among most beautiful panoramas of the city.


Medieval Castelmola

a journey between history and emotions



Discovering Etna’s territories

The volcano that still offers fascinating fire shows.

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