Jazz Club

On the stage of the Metropole Jazz Night

The famous Jam Session in Taormina

Every house is a castle

when you are the King

The Metropole Jazz Night is a vibrant and surprising place, the heart beating of the nightlife of Taormina. This connection with Jazz music derives from the owner of the Maison who, from the age of 8, is a jazz lover and a real passionate about music.


Jazz musicians experience the emotion of sharing their music with the public. Fresh inspiration and spontaneity characterize the rhythm of the Metropole Jazz Night.


The romantic and fascinated atmosphere created by the Jazz Orchestra makes our guests full of happiness and peace.


Bellevue Bistrot

Una cena gourmet che racchiude eleganza e gusto

L’haute cuisine: una delizia per i sensi, un invito alla creatività.


Il nostro menù con contrasti singolari ma se....

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Bellevue Rooftop

Un aperitivo vista mare

“musica, natura, bevande e belle spille, queste sono tutte le nostre cose preferite”


Un orizzonte fantastico ed u....

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