Castelmola, a small village of Medieval origin

a journey between history and emotions

A small town suspended between sky and sea.

Dominating the Ionian sea from above, Castelmola is a medieval town reachable through the ancient path of the Saracens. Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, in Castelmola time seems to have stopped. Thanks to its elevated position, from the main square it is possible to admire a spectacular panorama of the Ionian coast. This small town still maintains the magical atmosphere of the old times in all of its narrow streets. Its name derives from the normans castle set on the top of the town, whose ruins still emanate strong emotions and create a charming atmosphere in all the surrounding area. From there you can see even the Calabria region. The Mother Church is in baroque and roman style, with four marble altars placed one in front of the other.


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