Taormina a jewel on the coast of the Ionian Sea

The ideal destination at any time of the year

A tour of the sea, nightlife and culture.


If we had to suggest the most suggestive destination in Sicily then the answer would be one: Taormina. Greek, Byzantine, Roman and Norman city. Taormina is today the tourist capital of the entire island, capable of attracting the attention of both new tourists and those who already know it but who never miss an opportunity to revisit it.


A magical city capable of capturing attention and penetrating your heart like the most lightning-fast of Cupid’s arrows. A town that manages to put anyone at ease in a fascinating atmosphere that attracts and seduces tourists to venture and discover every single alley, visit each shop and stroll without ever getting tired or bored.


If you love art but also history and architecture you should definitely visit the Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, built in the mid-17th century on the remains of the ancient Roman Odeon, and the Cathedral of San Nicolò, built around 18th century. Do not miss the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, a Norman-era structure but on whose facades it is possible to admire friezes of Muslim ancestry and the Ancient Theatre able to offer a panorama that to define breathtaking is certainly an understatement.


In the summer, the sea is the most popular attraction and every point of the coast is a real wonder of nature. For simple sea lovers or for those who practice snorkeling at any level, the waters lapping Taormina represent a small paradise. Particularly attractive is Isola Bella, a very small islet, very close to Taormina and which, in moments of low tide, it is possible to reach on foot along the small tongue of sand that connects it to Sicily.


Other important events are related to particular periods of the year, such as the Taormina’s Carnival, the international book festival which takes place towards the end of June and which generally anticipates Taormina’s Film Fest, or the living nativity scene during Christmas period.


Theater of Taormina

Unmissable season of Greek tragedies


Romantic and magical Taormina

Enchant and fascinate view

Tour among most beautiful panoramas of the city.


Medieval Castelmola

a journey between history and emotions



Discovering Etna’s territories

The volcano that still offers fascinating fire shows.

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