Wine cellar

The aromas of the territory in the fine wines of Mount Etna

In our cellar are the best wines from all over the world.


From the plate to the glass, a journey through the international vines.


To accompany the highly prized preparations proposed by our Chef, an extensive wine list, a painstaking and accurate selection of the best wines from all over the world that we keep in our cellar together with local products and the highly sought-after wines of Etna.


Our attention not only stops at the selection of wines but also continues in the commitment and care with which we try to satisfy the wishes of our guests, the simple wine lover, the most expert winemaker, and the sommelier eager to appreciate the scents of the territory.

The elegance of perlage

Our selection of French sparkling wines

A special mention deserves our highly prized selection of French bubbles.


Between Champagne and Cremant, to discover the best French wines. Although aware of the very high quality that our classic method sparkling wines are capable of releasing, we wanted to offer our guests the opportunity to choose bottles that, alone, are able to give those sensations that only a good French wine allows you to appreciate.


And it is with this philosophy that we have introduced a wide range of French bubbles into the wine list, from blanc de blancs to blanc de noirs, passing through rosés, from pas dosè to doux, from Cru ai Clos.


Restaurants and Bar

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