Discovering Etna’s territories

The volcano that still offers fascinating fire shows.

A tour of volcanic rocks

and wines

Mt.Etna today represents one of the most iconic symbols of Sicily, a stage of great tourist interest that knows no seasonality; in summer it offers very suggestive trekking routes and in winter it turns into a very popular ski resort.


Nature lovers, but in general those who like to rig up a long walk in the woods or more demanding walks among the steep mountain roads, can’t certainly give up to challenge one of the highest peaks in Sicily.


Just go up in altitude to find yourself in the midst of a lunar landscape where a single photo posted on social networks can literally flood you with likes and comments from fascinated users. If then, you have the opportunity to admire the fireworks visible during the eruptions, then can certainly tell the world that you have seen one of the most exciting natural shows ever.


Just get the right equipment and embark on this adventure among porous volcanic rocks and beautiful “fireworks” shows at night, a moment of great charm that nature can give you.


For an excursion worthy of note, but above all, for your safety, the advice is always to rely on a guide and not only because without the higher parts of the volcano would be precluded, but because, by participating in an organized tour, you will discover very interesting things that you could hardly appreciate on your own: the guide, along the way, will explain to you how dragon glass (obsidian) is obtained, how the Grotta del Gelo was formed on the north-western side (a gigantic three-century icebox) 2000 meters above sea level or how far debris fired could go during a volcanic eruption.


In addition to pure sporting pleasure, Etna offers a very valuable terroir for the cultivation of vines and the consequent production of excellent wine, which is now in great demand both on the domestic and foreign markets. There are many wineries that in these years were born right on the slopes of the volcano. So if you are a wine lover or a “bottled grape” lover during your stay in Taormina, you will also be able to visit the nearest wineries and taste the best local wines, discovering the native vines of Mt. Etna.


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