Deluxe Pool Terrace Sea View

Deluxe Pool Terrace Sea View

Places where the natural atmosphere will enchant and make everybody free to dream

A Terrace with a private Jacuzzi overlooking the bay.


In our Intimate Terrace Spa rooms, our guests will experience days of pure delight surrounded by the blue of the sea and the spectacular view of the Volcano Etna by night. Yes, we all need beauty and new and exciting experiences. Once arrived, you will be enchanted by the light that softly emanates from this scenographic and superb place.


In a cozy and reserved context, our Intimate Terrace Spa rooms are designed to create a small world that will lead our guests to the outside world. The expressivity of light and the sense of eternity of the natural marble will make your holiday at the Hotel Metropole unforgettable.


The Jacuzzi on the terrace is the symbol of emotions, the research of well-being connected to the pleasures of the senses.
The external space is framed by an arch made of stones belonging to the 15th century and two columns of greek – roman origins that during the Medieval age were carried with cables until the Ancient Theatre.


History narrates that these columns were used to decorate noble palaces. Today we can enjoy their beauty and appreciate the splendor of the past.



King Size

Air Conditioning

Evening tidying

Laundry service

Room service breakfast

Courtesy Kit

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